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    “Number one in manufacturing. Excellence in service”

    LEATHER GOODS The primary manufacturer of leather goods in Thailand

        Thanulux began producing leather goods, such as belts and wallets, under the brand ARROW, with the idea to cover all areas of men’s wear. To ensure the customers identity is not limited to clothing. Besides the men’s apparel market, the company also noticed the need for women's high-quality leather goods. Thanulux started to produce leather goods for brands such as ARROW, EXCELLENCY, GETAWAY, GUY LAROCHE, DAKS, LOUIS FONTAINE, BSC, MORGAN
        The company has certifications of ISO9001 for the international-standard quality and of ISO14001 for the good management of the environment. With our attention to details and quality combined with impressive services, Thanulux has earned the trust of prominent international brands to produce leather goods under their trademark for the past 40 years.

    Manufacturing ability

        “Thanulux” grew from a newcomer in the leather goods market in 1983 to the big player that it is today, with a high production capability, 3 high-standard factories, talented designers, salespeople, technicians, experienced seamstresses, quality check operation room, and consistent development of innovation as well as modern machinery. The results of all these factors are the finest-quality product for customers.

    Production capability

        A total of 850 technicians spreading across all leather-goods manufacturing sectors in Bangkok, Lamphun, Mae Sot and Tak can collectively produce up to 8,000 - 10,000 pieces of leather handbags per month, produce 80,000 - 100,000 pieces per month for small-sized bags and 10,000 - 150,000 pieces of leather belts per month, while being able to deliver them all on time.


        From 1983 to 2019, we have had 36 years of experience and knowledge in materials and production techniques from generation to generation. This experience and knowledge have turned into special attributes that have spread through all the processes of production to ensure the finest quality for clients.


    Modern machinery

       The company puts much importance on modern technology and machinery to increase effectiveness and efficiency while reducing production costs.


    Quality Check

       Quality Check Operation Room: The company has a full system of quality checks for all processes of production from the beginning to the final products. The quality examination is enhanced by the use of modern technology and reasonably-set standards.



        The company values all staff members and believe that they are the true power of production. Hence, the company holds many workshops and tests to keep up the standards of practice and development of staff members of all sectors including the business team, designer team, weaver team, and quality check team to ensure united collaboration under the standards of the company.